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Altomare Sheep Company

Mike and Janice Altomare

We raise Registered California Red Sheep a unique breed of sheep that is medium in size with reddish face & legs and oatmeal colored wool. We were fortunate to find a piece of property in Merced, CA with irrigated land. We planted and fenced our pastures for rotational grazing methods. Since we are located in the Central Valley of California we enjoy ideal grassland weather and able to pasture our sheep year round, we then schedule our lambing to coincide with the lush spring growth. Our greatest joy is watching the Reds serenely grazing while the lambs play in the pasture.

Our registered flock varies from 10 - 20 ewes and 1 to 2 rams.

We have participated in the Voluntary Scrapie Program since 1995 and "Certified Scrapie Free".

In 2003 we got the opportunity to add two new additions to our flock, alpacas. These gelded alpacas help by being sentinels and guards. With their long necks they can scan the area and look out for possible danger, giving an alarm call when they spot a predator. As an added bonus we will also utilitze their unique fiber and enjoy their quirky looks.

Mike & Janice Altomare
Mailing Address: PO Box 824
Merced, CA 95341-0824
1850 E. Reilly Road
(209) 725-0340